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After taking a pounding in the mainstream press, long-form journalism has found a happy home—and a useful purpose—in content marketing

As short-form electronic media dominates the landscape, long-form, quality content becomes more important.

There’s opportunity in print and digital publishing for savvy marketers of all industries. CONTACT McMURRY/TMG TODAY!

If you’re reaching your customers with information they truly crave—as we must in content marketing—the less-is-more mantra gets turned on its head. That is why content marketing has become a leading venue for real journalism. And that’s what sets us apart.

With its ability to engage readers for longer periods, print delivers a greater number of brand impressions per session than any other media channel. And with its long shelf life, print allows for lots of people to have lots of sessions with each print piece, over an extended time.

Publishing is part of the McMURRY/TMG pedigree.

Whether it’s with a custom magazine, a tablet publication or a specialty direct-mail campaign, we provide readers a comfortable pace, compelling design and organization, and dramatic, expertly told stories written and edited by established, seasoned journalists.



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