Interactive Marketing

Want to get found? Get noticed? Get business? Get interactive

Marketing has evolved from individual transactions to rolling engagement. Whether it takes place across email, social media or digital display ads, the need for strategic interactive marketing is the same: Your brand has to do more than acquaint itself with consumers; it must gracefully follow them through the complicated path to purchase that has emerged in the interactive age.

Getting found is only half the battle – join the conversation online with interactive marketing services from McMURRY/TMG.

We can help.

McMURRY/TMG offers dedicated interactive marketing services that manage content distribution, improve subscriber lists, craft engaging emails and drive paid promotion across the spectrum of advertisers, media outlets and social networks on the Web.

How do we do it?

We tap into existing communities and make your brand an integral part of the online conversation. Through dynamic email marketing, strategic digital ad placement and responsive retargeting programs, your brand and business are found.

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