What We Do

Our creative approach is strategically customized for each client: We deliver creatively compelling content experiences that take your brand to the next level, engage customers and yield measurable results. That’s what we mean when we say we make the “content that powers your brand.”

To deliver on your goals and get exceptional results, brands must deliver the right mix of information at the right time to the right people in the right ways. In today’s multiplatform, multichannel environment, companies can no longer expect to reach all your customers in one place, or even most of your customers in two or three places. With each of our clients, we come to a precise understanding of which media their customers use and when, and, as a result, what types of messages they’ll receive and how. Then we create content that’s editorially targeted, intuitively arranged, design optimized, and appropriately scaled to the context, the moment and the desired result.

Brand Insight & Strategy
Content Strategy
Editorial Planning & Development
Research & Analysis

The content initiatives we strategically create invite your audience to dig deep, engage with your brand emotionally and take action. We love tapping into our journalistic heritage on your behalf to create a rich editorial experience: stunning design, relevant stories, and language and imagery that work together. That’s why our clients’ publications are voraciously read across formats, languages, app stores, and newsstands.

Custom Magazines
Digital Magazines
Direct Marketing
Distributions Strategy & Management

Your customers are consuming and creating content across the digital space, often on two or three screens at once. Our digital strategists, designers and developers wrestle with the demands of creativity and connectivity, creating unlimited digital experiences for clients across an ever-growing universe of channels.

Website Design & Development
Mobile/Responsive Design
IOS/Android App Design & Development
Content Management
Information Architecture
User Experience

If you can meet ’em, you can win ’em. But you don’t meet ’em by putting up a beautiful website and wait for busy, distracted customers to find you. You have to get your content in the places where your customers already frequent and make it as easy as possible for them to discover you. McMURRY/TMG uses an integrated, measurable approach to get your brand’s content in the right places and at the right time. The channels we leverage include a mix of paid and earned tactics, including; digital display advertising, retargeting, blogger outreach, social media marketing and advertising, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization.

Email Marketing
Display Advertising
Content Advertising
Social Media Advertising

When you work with McMURRY/TMG we will help define and implement a social media strategy that is not only engaging and valuable to your customers, but also one that is measurable and produces ROI. Drawing on our results-based approach, we join you as a strategic social partner to help determine what channels to focus on, which audiences to reach, where to engage with them, and how to speak their language. We begin with a strategic plan that is mapped to measurable goals, then we work as your partner on a ongoing basis to produce content, post, moderate and engage within your channels, develop contests and promotions, and manage social ad programs to achieve your unique goals and objectives. Plus, we’re always optimizing your content and program based on the results and engagement we see.

Strategy & Planning
Monitoring & Engaging
Contests & Promotions
Blogger Outreach

With almost 90 percent of consumers seeking information on products, services and businesses online first, we understand that if you aren’t on page one in a Google search, you don’t really exist. McMURRY/TMG focuses on our broad expertise in content marketing coupled with an intense understanding of the search algorithms to build online authority, raise search rankings and drive qualified traffic through strategic search campaigns that capture customers in your city, in your state, in your country or around the globe.

Search Engine Optimization
National & Local Search Strategies
Authority Development
Universal Search

Consumers are bypassing traditional media to find video wherever and whenever they want, and if you’re not making compelling video, your audience is going to your competitors, who are. McMURRY/TMG has created more than 3,000 videos for the world’s most prestigious brands, delivering the multisensory, immersive and entertaining experience that powerfully engages customers. From wrapping Times Square to producing the signature digital statements top brands rely on to announce their most important developments, McMURRY/TMG’s Spark team is your go-to source for must-watch video.

Digital Film Production
Experiential Environments
Corporate Communications
Motion Graphics
Original Programming
Episodic Video Development