NEW YORK, March 20, 2014 – McMURRY/TMG, the nation’s largest independent content marketing agency, with annual revenues of close to $100 million, today unveiled an in-depth review of emerging developments in content marketing. Given the heavily cluttered content marketing space and the litany of trend reports issued each year, McMURRY/TMG has conducted a deep dive into marketing innovations that have proven staying power and those emerging that are evolving content marketing as a whole.

With the sheer fact that every 60 seconds, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube, 48,000 apps are downloaded on iTunes and more than 347,000 tweets are posted on Twitter, keeping up with the demands of audiences and scaling content appropriately have become primary challenges of marketing today. McMURRY/TMG’s 2014 Content Marketing Insights speaks to cutting through the clutter and narrowly focusing on strategies and tools that continue to deliver both a return on investment and a return on objectives.

According to James Hill, chief strategy officer at McMURRY/TMG, “The nature of content—from stories to news and information to entertainment and gossip—hasn’t changed much over time, but what has is where and how that content is consumed.” Of all the trends people are following, McMURRY/TMG has identified a handful of the most important that content marketers should closely monitor and leverage. The detailed analysis of the following insights can be found at

In addition, experts from McMURRY/TMG will host a live discussion and webinar presentation on the insights on April 23 at 2 p.m. EST. Hill, along with Chief Content Officer Kim Caviness, SVP Strategy Andrew Hanelly, VP Interactive Tina Kelly, and Online Content Manager Ricky Ribeiro, will present specific “how-tos” on each of the insights and take live questions from marketers. More information on the webinar can be found at

Mobile Is the Epicenter of the Connected Revolution.

Most consumers first experience a brand through a smartphone, which has changed everything from the way we read news to the way we view sunsets. Marketers without a mobile strategy are now left in the dust. McMURRY/TMG speaks to tailoring content to the medium’s users to allow a business to tap into the scale of mobile.

Transparent Content Marketing Fuels a Trust Economy.

Transparency is crucial to success, as consumers lose trust in a brand when they feel deceived. This need for transparency requires brands to consider how to deliver outstanding content that the consumer recognizes. McMURRY/TMG shares examples of brands delivering on promises by remaining transparent.

Data From Wearable Tech Will Drive Content.

Wearable technology—a $4.6 bil­lion global industry—that monitors a person’s running pace, heartbeat and sleep patterns has gone mainstream through smartphone apps and dedicated devices. The opportunities to serve customized content based on this data are growing, and McMURRY/TMG shares insights into the opportunities for businesses to deliver content to these platforms tailored specifically to the user. 

The Stream Defines Content Experience.

From movies to music to video games to social media, a good part of our lives centers on viewing multiple streams of information. We dip in and out with limited attention spans and often value content that’s the latest over the greatest. McMURRY/TMG highlights how creating a never-ending stream of real-time stories means relying on a variety of content types—posts on social media, website articles, videos, user-generated reviews—to create a cohesive experience across all channels.   

Print Evolves Into a Premium Channel.
Once the workhorse of content marketing, print is entering a newly refined chapter of its life. As communities grow online, brands will embrace print as a means of engaging with their most loyal customers in a premium and personal manner. McMURRY/TMG provides perspective on how print will be a place for brands to establish themselves beyond online media for the foreseeable future.

Social Media Is the Responsibility of the Entire Business.

Social media is the platform for your business to connect with customers and voice its unique story, so creating staff guidelines for both personal and corporate social media accounts and encouraging knowledge sharing are necessary. McMURRY/TMG offers ideas on how to tap into the collective reach of your employees for instant amplification on social media. 

Journalists Become More Analytical.

Creating content for a business requires journalists to not only flex their editorial muscles but also accurately measure the content’s success beyond pageviews. McMURRY/TMG speaks to the benefits for journalists to learn how to analyze basic metrics of success for content marketing, such as brand lift, increased traffic, social interactions, on-site engagement, lead generation, thought leadership and conversions.

Native Advertising Is Here to Stay.

Whether it’s sponsoring a tweet on Twitter or an online article, native advertising works, as 25 percent see native ads defined as advertisements integrated into a site’s overall design. McMURRY/TMG gives examples on this and how brands can make an impact by identifying platforms with an audience related to their customer base.

Since its merger in January 2013, McMURRY/TMG has shown its clients a demonstrable return on investment and Return on Content®, a performance reporting discipline created by and proprietary to McMURRY/TMG that has become a way of life for the company and a tangible advantage for its clients. At its core, Return on Content is a system of reporting metrics—everything from Web analytics to search, social media, email and app performance to reader survey results—providing the deep insight gained from those metrics, which McMURRY/TMG delivers to its clients on a regular basis, leading to constant optimization.  

McMURRY/TMG helps many of the world’s best-known brands be seen as industry thought leaders through quality content marketing. The agency has essentially flipped the traditional media-advertising model on its head and expects this type of real-time content marketing to become even more relevant over time.



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