A sustainable content marketing strategy, stat

A leading U.S. hospital retains its patients and finds new ones with an integrated content strategy that connects on a human level.

One of the nation’s most respected hospital systems faced a challenge.

In a marketplace in which competitors were growing faster than potential patients, the organization needed to retain existing patients and acquire new ones. And it had to do so in a way that preserved its brand as a respected academic medical center. So reliance solely on traditional media was out.

Its leadership looked for a subtler, more sophisticated solution.

They turned to McMURRY/TMG for a versioned consumer publication strategy.

Distributed bimonthly with segmented issues targeted to customer groups in key zip codes, the publication brings useful, healthy lifestyle advice, thoughtfully mixed with news of medical research and healthcare services, to nearly a half-million homes.

Touching human interest stories invigorate the publication and its companion website. The first-person storytelling strategy is anchored with a profile in the publication and a popular video series in which patients, in their own words, take viewers from diagnosis and treatment through recovery.

Beyond the buzzing healthcare conversation they’ve created, the hospital system and McMURRY/TMG have teamed up to connect hospitals with people who relocate to the region. This is accomplished through new mover promotions targeted to newcomers in need of personal physicians and specialists.

The results of more than a decade of refinement and continual development? Aside from measurably deepened community engagement and increased brand awareness, the hospital system’s partnership with McMURRY/TMG has yielded a 7:1 return-on-investment from the print magazine and doubled response rates to the new mover program and its related direct-mail campaigns—results so strong they’ve won industry awards.

These days, the healthcare system and McMURRY/TMG still have a problem, albeit a good one: how to outdo their own ever-increasing content marketing success.

They’re on it. Stay tuned.