Content Marketing Folks Display Their Super Powers at This Year’s Comic-Con


San Diego Comic Con is often lovingly called “nerd prom,” but the annual event is always decked out in finery that leaves crepe streamers and balloons in the dust. The Con has a reputation as the place to generate buzz for everyone’s next pop-culture obsession, so every year, marketers tackle the creative challenge of creating a memorable impression for their brands amid all of the spectacle. Here are some of the most inventive displays and experiences sure to make the yearbook for 2014:

The Simpsons

The FX cable network invested a lot to get the Simpsons syndication rights from Fox, so they went all-out to promote their prize with huge outdoor area devoted to all things Springfield, including midway games, giveaways and a giant version of Homer’s head for visitors to explore.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

To herald the adolescent reptiles’ return to the big screen and Pizza Hut’s partnership with the film, a giant functional version of the team’s classic pizza-throwing vehicle drove around San Diego during the Con. Lucky non-Turtles even got to try their aim at the rotating pizza cannon!


The new TV series about what Batman’s city was like before he took up the cowl gave visitors a chance to swoop over a huge replica of Gotham City on a zip line. Copies of the Gotham City Chronicle were given out to the crowd to stir speculation about just who might be bringing up the city’s crime rate.

Game of Thrones

Those who covet the Iron Throne on this hit HBO series have done terrible things to possess it. Luckily, attendees in San Diego could briefly claim the seat of power in pedicab form without bloodshed.

Falling Skies

This sci-fi series gave mere humans a chance to gestate in the pods of their future alien overlords and snap a great picture while doing it.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Lionsgate and Samsung partnered up to give fans of the dystopian blockbuster franchise a taste of the Capitol in a lounge where holograms and intricately costumed characters were available for photos; Peeta’s bakery sold sweets; visitors could design t-shirts; and the new trailer was available on tablets for a sneak preview.