At McMURRY/TMG, our confidence in ourselves comes from our confidence in our people: our bright, thoughtful, honest, sincere, experienced and enthusiastic men and women.


Meet the leadership team that brings decades of experience creating innovative content experiences.


Bold. Strategic. Accountable. We hold ourselves to the highest standards as we grow our client's businesses, creating innovative content experiences that enrich people's lives.

Values we live by

  1. Do the right thing

    For three decades, these four words have been our compass: the guiding principle that helps each of us make the best decision for our clients, for one another and for our communities.

  2. Exceed expectations

    Our rigorous journalism background, our technology expertise and our love of innovation help us surprise our clients over and over again with exceptional work.

  3. Be open & honest

    Though we like to impress our clients with our innovation, there are no surprises in the way we conduct ourselves and our daily business. We candidly exchange ideas, opinions and constructive feedback with our clients and each other.

  4. Champion innovation

    Tomorrow comes quickly. We’re always on the lookout for ways to tap emerging ideas, products and services. That’s why we hire the curious, reward the daring and attract the adventurous.

  5. Treat every client like our only client

    Every one of our clients feels that 100 percent of our strategic thinking, creative energy and personal attention is devoted to the flawless execution of their unique program goals.

  6. Take care of our communities & each other

    We understand that we have obligations far beyond the marketplace—obligations greater and more lasting than any professional undertaking. This social consciousness, this culture of caring, leads McMURRY/TMG and its staff to donate millions of dollars and thousands of volunteer hours to charity.


At McMURRY/TMG, we see ourselves as more than our work. It’s equally important that we’re able to help make a difference in the lives of our friends, families and neighbors. Here are some of our efforts to give back to others and do our part to make our communities a better place.


From the outside, McMURRY/TMG is a three-decades-old institution. On the inside, it feels like a startup. Our employees love the fun, fast-paced, flexible and forward-thinking environment. In their words...